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Tezpur Agnigarh Park

(recent visit to home;continuation..........)

On the second day of my trip, Sumi & I went to my in-laws at Dhekiyajulie in Assam which is near to Tezpur at about 30-35kms. I was a bit confused with the route to my destination, I very well knew that I had to take NH39 route from Dimapur until Numaligarh tin-ali (crossroad) but the route from this tin-ali was a learning experience, from the Numaligarh tin ali, One has to take left and head straight for the Guwahati road until some few kilometers and enter a new route, on the right displayed by a board that indicatestowards Tezpur & Mongoldoi.

The route in detail from Dimapur to Tezpur via NH 39 route; Dimapur (starting destination)-Bokajan-Balipathar-Dewpani-Silonijan-Nambhar wild reserve-Rangajan tini ali-Numaligarh tini ali-Bokaghat-Kaziringa-Jhaklabandha-Mission chari ali-Tezpur- (end destination). The NH 39 route extends from Numaligarh tin ali in Assam to Moreh (border of Burma & Manipur).

Roadside views are very beautiful; a big horai erected on the left while going through Nagaon, a mustard plantation and a common view of 'pothar', meaning paddy field, in Assam

Another roadside view, a man mounted on an Elephant

We halted at one of the viewpoints in the roadside to see the semi-aerial view of the Kazaringa.

Kazaringa roadside-swamp-view; far-off ... you could see tiny white dots, they were birds of some species. To see a Rhino from the roadside.... One has to be really lucky.... and I wasn't one of them that day.

another bird spotted a lil close.

The 3 km. long Bhomoraguri bridge at Tezpur is one of the longest bridges in India

Beautiful Ahom paintings on the wall in the Bhomoraguri bridge.

After the destination was met, we (My bro-in-law, Sumi & I) planned to visit the famous Agnigarh park which is in deed a very beautiful park in Tezpur, it offers a huge tourist attraction and is immensely speckless, green and scenic.

The entrance gate of the famous & mythical park "Agnigarh".

Steps that would take u inside the legendary beautiful park.

The park is a small hill situated on the banks of river Bramhaputra. The stairway of the park is circular leading to the peak of the hill from where a great view of the river Bramhaputra & and the entire city of Tezpur could be seen. Visitors often come here for picnic or simply to enjoy the scenes and sights. The park is preserved as a memoir for young lovers.

A maiden water statue pouring water to its visitors.

A be seated Lord Shivji and Parvati (I guess) on the way, inside the park, to the peak of the hill

Mythically, The park holds a very famous legendary story connected with the romance of Prince Aniruddha (grandson of Lord Krishna) and Princess Usha (daughter of Banasura), the famous Asura king and prime devotee of Lord Shiva. It is believed that Agnigarh is the very place where a fortress was built by the Asura king, to keep his daughter in isolation.

As the name suggests, Agnigarh (Agni meaning fire and Garh meaning fortress or wall) was surrounded by fire at all times, in order to prevent anyone from entering or exiting the fortress without permission. All these protection measures were done to prevent the union of the Usha and Aniruddha. The story goes that princess Usha was renowned for her beauty and charm and had a very talented painter, Chitralekha, for a friend. Once, while sleeping, the princess saw a very handsome man in her dreams and fell in love with him. Chitralekha, using her rare artistic skills not only painted the picture of the prince, but also recognized him as Prince Aniruddha (grandson of Lord Krishna)

Usha describing features of her man of dreams & Chitralekha artistically painting to it.

Chitralekha spiriting away the prince using her magical powers for Usha

Chitralekha also spirited away the prince using her magical powers and secretly married him to Usha, under Gandharva rites. King Bana was not happy with this relationship and threw Aniruddha into prison and built the fort at Agnigarh, to keep Usha from meeting him.

Chitralekha assisting the couple in their gandharva marriage

King Banasur, apprehending Anniruddha for marrying his daughter Usha

On knowing this, Lord Krishna came to the rescue of Aniruddha. Not much time later, a very fierce battle ensued Between Lord Krishna and the Asura king. In fact, it is believed that the battle between Lord Krishna and the Asura king was fought in this very place in Tezpur during the great Mahabharata War.

A depict of the mighty war, Lord Krishna against Shiva and Bana; Lord Bramha in the middle trying to pacify.

There was so much bloodshed that the whole place was stained in red, hence, this led to the name of the place becoming Tezpur (‘tez’ meaning blood & ‘pur’ meaning town or city

The park, presently, is preserved as a memoir for young lovers and has many other recreations inside it apart from the Usha-Annirudha love story. A must visit park if you go to Tezpur, Assam.

The circular step to the peak of the park/hill

speckless, lush and green.

walking hand-in-hand up the park.

was a pleasant weather, average cold and sunshine

A click from the top.... A crowd swarming and getting ready to enter the park

Mushrooms! Mushrooms! I like it but hey! hang on.... Do you see the butts of the couple under the shadow of the mushroom in the middle?

My better-half likes green frogs.... heee..hee..he..hehe!

With brother-in-law "Mon-da"

The hillock of the park facing the river Bramhaputra.

Self & sumi posing with the river Bramhaputra at the backdrop.

The view of the river and city is extremely captivating from here.

A splendid view from the hillock of Agnigarh.

One of the tributaries to the river Bramhaputra.

A little further down from the park is 'Ganeshghat' which is the bank of the river Bramhaputra, A very beautiful place..... One can see the mighty never ending river and the golden sand shimmering in the daylight right in front....

mighty, cool and serene

Crossing the river by a local boat

Crossing the river by a local boat @ 20rs. per head.

Sumi.... standing near the bank on the other side of the river.

A wincing split..... should've been a 180 degree split but succeeded only 179... yet to acheive....heee..hee..he..he...

By the time we returned home.... it was dusk!

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