Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dimapur - The Kachari ruins

( a recent visit to home;continuation........ post 3)

"Dimapur" where faint memories of childhood, education & friends are re-posited incessantly. Dimapur is a small city but is highly commercialized and has always beckoned me time and time again: from my convent schools to the hustling and bustling streets to its famous archaeological monolithic Kachari ruins to the the much hyped Hong kong market, the local Wednesday super market; Dimapur has always been a reservoir of memories... I have tried to captivate some of these in words and pictures.....................

Border of Assam and Nagaland; Lahorijan-Dimapur

Dimapur 1st police check post, also called as 'Nagaland gate'

Dimapur city auditorium.

A rear view of one of the oldest Hotels in the city "Hotel Sente"

Dimapur railway station, the only railway station in Nagaland.

Dimapur flyover

Circular road, Dimapur




a sour plant.

Muga silk

Mom weaving 'gamucha'

Lau pani (rice-beer) or mod in assamese; modu in nagamese

mod with pork blood and intestine

A rooster unfeathered, to spice up with Rum in the cold.

Bhoot jolokiya in assamese (world's hottest chilly) Raja Mirch in Nagamese

fresh Raja Mirch finely chopped for pickle

Mike and my bro busy chopping pork-meat

.... and then some of the chopped pork is smoked

thats what we call SLURP! SLURP! Smoked meat.

The enterance of the Kachari ruins "Rajabari Park"

The name Dimapur comes from the Kachari dialect. Etymologically di means "river", ma means "big" and pur means "city"; in effect, the name means "the city near the great river." By the 10th century, the kachari tribes had established in Dimapur.

Rajabari park; the kachari ruins built during the 10th century

Rajabari park; the kachari ruins

Rajabari park; the kachari ruins

a very small grassland inside the park

maybe a wild orchid or a plant

even this grasshopper could not escape my camera.... heheheehe!

beautiful and mystifying

a lil girl inside the park giving a pose

with my old school mates; Tia and Oyim

with some of my college friends

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