Wednesday, November 11, 2009

An Impromptu Jaunt To Jaipur

Saturday is the most awaiting day of the week for all employees, cause one is back with full of life and vibrant energy to begin his/her 2 day-long holiday after a tiring work of 5 days.

On one such Saturday, we (My wife, a teddy couple, a rugged friend and I) were all excited to go and dine outside, started off with a slightly bizarre plan not knowing where to dine and to enjoy the night-out in Delhi, some suggested India gate, some Priyas, some Delhi-hut but my wife was with the bent of mind that if we are all going out together for a blissful dine and a joy ride with the convenience of a great chauffer and his car, has got to be some place unvisited or something new and interesting. There was a chaos amongst each other, trying to figure out where and what location we would be heading towards? Gamely and impulsively, with lots of enthusiastic attitude we embarked our journey towards Gurgaon-Jaipur highway as this is one of the best highways for a long drive to start wth..... around 10.00 PM, we halted & boozed at a local-dhaba cum restaurant around 45-50 kms. away from Delhi. We spoke about things & places, exchanged updates on personal life and stuff....slowly and gradually, we were soaring high due to the intake of our “ritual-weekend-drink” or “booster drink”; shortly after we were liquidated, we further planned on going to Jaipur from the spot; so we hurriedly had our grub and drove off for Jaipur. Please find the photographs of this unscheduled trip below-

The shivji statue @ Gurgoan road.

Mcdoland in Manesar.

having a gala time...

Our first stopage in Jaipur, Jal Mahal

Way to Nahagarh Fort... in the inset picture, u can faintly see the beautiful glimpse of Jal Mahal surrounded by water.

Fr. L to R: Sumi, Myself, Sisir, Krish and Piki.

A view from Nahargarh Fort

This is what I call ' a birds view'.

The famous spot where "Rang de Basanti" was shot.

Looks like a spot of terrace cultivation...

The magnificent Hawa Mahal.

The exquisite Jaigarh Fort.

The beautiful Amber Fort

The mural over the entrance to the fort.

An old eerie chalet near Amber Fort.